powdery substance

Asked September 24, 2016, 11:06 AM EDT

Hi I have got a Goji berry bush it is very spindly and this year has flowers for the first time (it is 4yrs old) the problem that I have is that no sooner have the flowers appeared they die off and it has a powdery substance on it! I know where we live is not as sunny as most places but it is growing and producing the flowers So what am I doing wrong?

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Do you have any photos of your flowers? Goji Berry is susceptible to a common disease called powdery mildew and that might be what you're seeing on the flowers.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been much research done on Goji Berry but pictures might help us get closer to an answer. There is some general information compiled by Penn State Extension which might be helpful. Utah State Extension also has a short fact sheet that might be of interest.

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