what kind of plant?

Asked September 23, 2016, 7:47 AM EDT

I can't recognize this tree. Can you help me?

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In what country is this plant?

In south of Italy: Scopello (TP) - Sicily

This looks a bit like immature fruit of a Fatsia plant. There are certainly other options. While local gardeners might recognize just this portion of the plant, we need to see more. Photos of leaf, branch, flower, whole plant are helpful. Also, all you can tell us about it: a garden plant? Houseplant? wild or weed? Scent or colored sap?

It's a tree. It's no so scented. Don't know what to tell you about the sap.
It appears like a tropical tree. The fruit doesn't change during the year.

This tree with the large leaves and a tropical-plant look is a puka tree, one of the Meryta. It could be Meryta sinclairii or M. denhamii. You'll find information about the plants readily online.

It's a Puka! Thank you so much!