aquatic plants

Asked September 22, 2016, 9:21 PM EDT

hello, my name is Lily Humphries, a 7th grader from Jefferson Middle School, and my science project is to see if an aquatic plant can desalinate brackish water. is there anything else is should know about aquatic plants that could help me with my research?

New Mexico

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There is a variety of plants that can do a variety of things. You will need to research the physical capabilities of some species of plants. i know Black Mangroves can excrete salt from there leaves. However they are not native to New Mexico. Aquaplant is a good resource on aquatic plants and weeds. The focus is mainly on controlling nuisance species such as Hydrilla and watermeal, but you maybe able to find a plant that might take up salt.
Remember to account for evaporation, as the water evaporates the salinity goes up. So you will have an increase in salinity over time if you don't account for it.
Good Luck!