Calcitic lime

Asked September 22, 2016, 8:01 PM EDT

I have my soil tested by the Univ of Delaware (through mailing soil samples). They reported ph=4.8, Mg=201, K=64. Recommendation: apply 100 lbs ground limestone per 1000 sq ft. Also fertilize 35-0-35 with no addition of phosphorus (=214). This is for my backyard. My address is 6503 Hollins Dr, Bethesda. Advice Needed: Can you recommend a lime product to raise the pH safely? The web sites say that dolmitic lime will also add Mg, which I don't need. The products sold by Home Depot contain an additive which makes the lime "fast acting." They are derived from dolmitic lime and are rated Category 2 under Hazards. I don't know what the hazard rating is for plain dolmitic lime or calcitic lime. Thank you, Margaret Greenwald

Montgomery County Maryland soil lime

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Dolomitic lime has magnesium and calcium carbonate and you should be able to use it on your soil even if you have enough Mg. You should, however, be able to find calcium carbonate. Southern States and garden centers should have it if you cannot find it at the big box stores. Lime with a category 2 hazard label is usually calcium hydroxide which is more caustic than calcium carbonate. Some people take calcium carbonate to strengthen their bones, so we doubt it has a hazard label. vw