Divorcing after deployment

Asked September 22, 2016, 2:36 PM EDT

My husband deployed 5 months after we were married. Voluntarily and unexpected. He return home 12 months later and we were never able to get back on track. He changed a lot while he was gone and I didn't deal well with it. We tried for 3 year then he filed for divorce last sept. We have been separated and he has not spoke to me since. Our divorce is still pending. I have tried every military lead I can find to try to get us some help. I have found nobody or nothing that offers any kind of guidance, counseling or assistance. My question is: do you have any suggestions ?

Lake County Illinois

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Thank you for your question about assistance surviving a divorce from a member of the military. I apologize that this question has gone unanswered, and wonder if you have been able to obtain any help in the meantime? Exactly what type of assistance are you still in need of? Do you have an attorney in your divorce?

I do have an attorney but he is not very familiar with military divorces or pensions. I was honestly looking for any information regarding whether the Army offers any mandatory counseling for couples looking to divorce. I blame a large part of our problems on my husbands undiagnosed PTSD and was hoping there was some assistance along the lines of counseling to help prevent the divorce.

I'm going to find you some resources tomorrow (or whenever our power is restored) and send them. I will note, however, being married to a vet with PTSD, that it is hard to get them to counseling if they don't want it. I have a few leads on your getting help yourself. Will be in touch.

Thank you. I appreciate your help. May I ask, is there anyway to get someone from my husbands u it involved in having him see someone for what I suspect is PTSD? He is living alone now, drinking heavily and I am concerned for his safety.

I've found one website that seems to have a treasure trove of information for vets and their families about a wide range of issues, including PTSD. However, like most illnesses--physical and emotional--you can't force anyone to get treatment unless they are a threat to themselves or others.

Your attorney (through you) might be able to get some assistance with military-related divorce law through this link

I'm afraid I don't know much more I can provide to you. Good luck!.