Flowering tree

Asked September 22, 2016, 8:56 AM EDT

We have a tree in our yard, that is look like this for two years. We are probably going to take it down in the next two days and we plant a red oak tree. What are your thoughts on it? Should we try to save the tree? It's in a really nice spot and in the front yard.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The tree is the focal point of your front yard and if it is an apple it has apple scab and has dropped many of its leaves and probably some anthracnose as well. This year has been very wet and fungal diseases are very common so the tree might look better in a dryer year. However, it is a young tree and you don't have nearly as much invested in it as you would if it were a large mature tree. If you are unhappy with the look of the tree it makes sense to replace it. Fruit trees require more work than maples. If you want a flowering tree and a tree that stays smaller a crab apple tree that is resistant to apple scab would be a better choice. A maple tree will mature into a large tree with dense shade and grass will not grow well under it when it is mature. They also tend to have surface roots that some homeowners find troublesome. Either choice presents pros and cons.