Diseased pines

Asked September 21, 2016, 3:34 PM EDT

We have lost about a dozen 25' pines which are in sandy soil - we think they are Norway pines. It seems to be an insect that kills from the bottom up and has also attacked a large spruce, as well as neighboring yards. We want to replace them with something that will be resistant to these. We have sandy loam and the yard is irrigated. We would like healthy pines (thinking white?) plus a spruce and flowering deciduous trees. (We have 1-2 acres availalble.) and are along the Mississippi in Cottage Grove

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Information in these publications will be useful as you decide what to plant to replace the trees that have been lost.


Norway pine trees, also known as red pines, are well adapted to Minnesota's climate, but like most other pine species, they are susceptible to disease and borer damage, especially after frequent drought on sandy soil. White pine trees are also a good choice for planting on sandy soil but drought limits their potential there too.

Black Hills spruce is a good choice for your location. Do not plant blue spruce.

Visit local native forest tracts. Note the species growing there, especially those that appear to be most common, healthy and long-lived. Choose your replacements from among those species or their cultivars.