Yoshino cherry

Asked September 21, 2016, 10:49 AM EDT

The above tree is about 24 years old and has roots showing above ground - this is a townhouse with 3 cherry trees - one on each property . I received a call from owner of townhouse next to me - he wanted to cut the tree down - " too large for the house" he said - after a lot of back and forth from me protesting, he is going to trim it. Now i have to produce a signed statement that he is not responsible if the roots break into my foundation-- my question is - will the roots do that ? Norway and silver maples can do that but is my neighbor right??? Please advise as he is coming this p m


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There is no evidence of tree roots causing damage to a foundation when the tree is located several feet away from the structure. Cherry trees have a fibrous root system.Roots can also be pruned.