White Grubs killing lawn

Asked September 20, 2016, 4:54 PM EDT

HI, my front yard lawn has an area approx. 20 sq ft or so that is infested with white grubs wich is killing sections of turf. I can actually pull up the dead turf like a carpet. looks like the turf was cut of at the roots. I have purchased but not yet applied HI YIELD GRUB FREE ZONE II mfg by VPG Voluntary Purchasing Group out of Bonham Texas. Is this the best answer to my problem or are there other products that you would recommend. I would appreciate an answer to my dilemma as soon as possible.

Jim Strong cell 720 933-9600

Denver County Colorado

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Grubs in lawns can be caused by Japanese Beetle. The link below discusses the use of milky spore to help control grubs in the lawn. Milky spore can take up to two years to be effective and won't have an impact on those Japanese Beetles that fly into your yard:


This next article discusses other types of grubs found in Colorado turf:


Finally, this link will take you to an article on the use of nematodes for control. However, nematodes, as the article indicates, require adequate moisture, which is often an issue in our climate.


Good luck with this frustrating problem.