African Violet

Asked September 20, 2016, 1:53 PM EDT

I have an African Violet that has not bloomed in at least two years, despite regular feeding (with a blooming plant food) and watering. The leaf structure appears healthy. Do you have any input?

King County Washington

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If African Violets are happy with their conditions they can flower continuously.
Our first thought is light. These plants need bright light, but not direct sunlight. Two to 3 hours a day of filtered sunlight is needed. Are they getting that?
They like temperatures in the 65-75 degree range. Our reference suggests that "even a 5 degree fluctuation from this range can eventually cause growth to stop.", and with it, flowering.
They like humidity so putting them on a saucer of damp pebbles is good.
For some plants, too much fertilizer can make for lush leaf growth at the expense of flowers. We'd recommend only a one-quarter strength dose of fertilizer (of equal amounts of N, P, and K) at each watering.
They generally like to be a bit potbound, but if it's been a long time and lots of roots are coming out of the bottom, we'd suggest repotting.