Canadian Cherry Tree Gummosis?

Asked September 19, 2016, 1:10 PM EDT

We have two canadian cherry trees planted at the same time and on the same drip watering schedule. They are approximately 10 years old, 16 feet tall and planted about 50 feet apart. One of the trees appears to have wet bark. Upon closer inspection, there are a hundred hard resin nodules starting about 8 inches from the ground and continue to about 8-9 feet high only on the trunk. I have not seen any on the branches. All of the resin is hard as a rock and 99% of the nodules are on the west facing side of the tree. Our other tree has no resin on the bark. The foliage on both trees looks the same and they both receive the same sun. I have included a picture.
Is this an infection of some sort? Can it be treated?

Adams County Colorado

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Gummosis is really common on cherry trees. It often indicates a cytospora infection. There is really not a whole lot which can be done to treat the issue in a landscape setting besides taking good care of the tree. You can find a lot more information here:

If you have any further questions after looking the information in the above link over please let me know.