Please ID the grass

Asked September 19, 2016, 10:18 AM EDT

Hello, Please identify the grass type in the attached pictuer. I also want to know which seed should I use for fall over seeding and what is the good time to over seed?

Jessamine County Kentucky

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From the picture, it appears to be large crabgrass and some KY-31 fescue. crabgrass is an annual and can be controlled by applying a pre-emergent in the spring by April 1. KY-31 has no selective control. you would have to roundup these areas. The larger weed areas are most likely crabgrass.

Typically we reseed in the fall from late August till the end of September. I'm not sure what type of turf you have (bluegrass or lawn fescue). I prefer to use turf type lawn fescues in my lawn due to their better heat and drought tolerance and close resemblance to Ky bluegrass.

Follow these links to the UK publications that I believe will be most helpful to you. lawn grass selection Kentucky bluegrass varieties Lawn type tall fescue varieities