Asked September 19, 2016, 2:21 AM EDT

i have an indoor gnat problem i think came in with infected soil from a new house plant. for a week or so while at my computer one or more will fly in front of my face, ive been swatting them smashing one or two out of ten, their fast, a day ago i had what i thought was a piece of glass in my finger, palm side that just wouldnt come out, i looked at it under a 60x micrroscope, and it seems like tiny pieces of gnat are n my pores, looks like small black hairs, some have color green, yellow but mostly black, all in the area where ive swatted them, is this possible? thank you for any help, this is drivng me crazy, warm regards tom taylor

Polk County Iowa

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I can't diagnose anything that might be on you or in your skin. I would recommend that you go see a dermatologist for that.

If you can get an image of the insect, then I would be better be able to help you. There are numerous small flies that can be indoors. You can go here to download a indoor fly publication that may help you with identification & control: