Best ground cover-low maintenance and prevents honeysuckle

Asked September 18, 2016, 7:59 AM EDT

I have wooded acreage around my house that is infested with honeysuckle. I am having it removed mechanically in an area of one half acre and want to put in a combination of low growing grasses and plants and want to plant a few hardy trees not susceptible to insects/disease (thinking red oaks and maples) to prevent re-infestation but be low maintenance. I am overwhelmed with choices. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you

Hamilton County Ohio

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Unfortunately, honeysuckle is the dominate plant in many wooded landscapes. Adding a ground cover after it is removed may not keep the honeysuckle in check. Once it is gone, you will need to monitor the area to eliminate any potential new sprouts before they can re-establish.

I am assuming the area is shady, so a shady ground cover will be needed. Vinca could be an option. There are many other shady trees that will establish in the understory of trees. Native dogwoods and redbud come to mind.

No tree is immune to diseases and insects. Go to nurseries and consult with the professionals. Do some research on your own too, before making a purchase. Consider size, growth rate, preferred environment and pest resistance when making your choice. Diversity of species is also important to reduce the chance that one insect could wipe out your entire wooded area.

Greg Meyer