What kind of fruit tree is this

Asked September 16, 2016, 9:55 PM EDT

It mid September here in Washington and I see fruit growing on a tree I have. I don't know what kind it is cause it's small . But I feel it not a cherry tree. The bark on the tree has vertical lines.

Thurston County Washington

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Dear Client,

It is likely that your tree is an ornamental apple tree of some sort. Although it could be an apple pollinizer ( a tree used to pollinize commercial apple trees). My guess is that it is one of the many ornamental crabapples and it will take you a little more observation to determine which cultivar and whether it is desirable in your landscape. Thus would be best done in the early spring when ornamental fruit trees show their true bloom colors. I have added a couple links for you to compare your tree with in hopes of narrowing in on the cultivar of your fruit tree.



Hope this helps!