Wasps and bamboo

Asked September 16, 2016, 3:15 PM EDT

I have a stand of bamboo in my yard and I noticed that a particular black wasp really likes something about this bamboo (, Hagerstown, md), it seems as if the wasps are eating or doing something at leaf joints and I have never seen this before. I notice this as I have to move leaning stalks out of the way to mow under. The wasps are not aggressive and do not seem to congregate .What are they? Thanks, Butch

Washington County Maryland

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Thanks for your question. Wasps gather fibers from bamboo to make their paper nests. They scrape the surface of leaves and other plant parts, chewing the harvested fibers to make a pulp they use in building nests. Wasps don't harm the plant and are considered beneficial insects, helping to control many bad bugs.