Bronze Birch Borer

Asked September 16, 2016, 1:49 PM EDT

I have a well-loved 45-year old birch tree in my front yard. It has white bark that peels off sideways. It's a beautiful tree, except for a few dead branches half-way up. I understand that is has the beginnings of a Bronze Birch Borer infestation. I am receiving conflicting advice about chemicals. One person (who makes money selling treatments) says I should treat it. Another person (who doesn't have a degree but has been in the tree-trimming and business 40 years) says I shouldn't. The second person says it's a matter of luck how long the tree will live, treatments cost a lot, and "if chemicals are so effective, where are all the elm trees?" What are your thoughts about chemical treatments for Bronze Birch Borer? Do they work well enough to be worth the money? If so, what treatment options are best? (I do plan to get the dead limbs removed in the next few weeks -- regardless of what I do about chemicals.) I also left a voice mail. Thanks in advance for your reply. Ms. Avis Thomas 4124 Longfellow Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407 612.961.2421

Hennepin County Minnesota

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It is very expensive and it is a guess how long it will live (Mine has never been treated and I do loose several limbs each year, it has had them for 20 years). It might be better to mulch around the tree in a attempt in keeping it healthy. Here is the link to our information.