Hazelnut larvae & moths *inside* the house

Asked September 16, 2016, 1:04 PM EDT

I made a huge mistake storing three bags of hazelnut shells inside my apartment this summer, and a couple of days ago I discovered the bags had moths and worms in them, then found worms on the walls and in other places, like on a pillow inside a pillowcase that was on my couch. How do I get rid of the worms, other than capturing them like i have been doing. Some are too high up my cathedral ceilings/walls for me to reach with anything I have. Help!

Marion County Oregon

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I'm sorry for your troubles ... that sounds very frustrating. Here are a few things that might be helpful:

*Vacuum everything (then throw away vacuum bag). Wash surfaces with soap and warm water.

*Pheromone Traps

*Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer for Indoor and Perimeter --- the product description says it kills filbert worm; however, read and follow instructions carefully. You may choose not to use this in the kitchen/food storage areas.

So I have to be concerned about 2nd-generation moths/worms? Or even more generations? Are the Pheromone Traps safe to be used inside? I'm pretty sensitive to smells and chemicals. Thanks, Terry


I've been doing some research trying to find an answer, but haven't come up with much so far as all the research has been done in outdoor settings (not indoor). The moths/worms would need a food source to survive. We're thinking that they will not survive if their food source (hazelnuts) is not present. Your question is being forwarded to an entomologist for further review.

This could be a couple of different moths, filbertworm, codling moth or Indian meal moth. In every case the best option is to just clean thoroughly, they won't start an infestation indoors. Indian meal moth would be the most troublesome if it got into other stored foods or even dry pet food (google this moth for more info). If foods are properly stored this should not be a problem.

I did all I could to avoid any more problems with the flibertworm/moth, and I didn't see anything for several months, but I killed four moths in February and, so far, a couple this month. I put moth traps out again and there are three moths in those. So, not having a 2nd generation of the dratted things is history. I still have any grains in heavy plastic containers, so I don't know how the moths survived. They must be eating something I don't know about. Just wanted you to know.

By the way. They have to be filbertmoths/worms, because they came out of the filbert shell bags.