Asked September 15, 2016, 6:05 PM EDT

I leased some new land in East TN. Bout 2 months ago I found an very active salt lick. I added some to it and set up a camera. Over 400 differ pics. At least 10 differ mature bucks. Around here they are considered huge. 95 % pics in daytime. 1 month ago got new pics ,almost 95 % at night , only 2 bucks. Last week , down to 4 does. What happened. Can't find anywhere.

Loudon County Tennessee wildlife

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Dear LoudonCo., TN, Thank you for writing Extension with your Natural Resource questions. Deer herds move. I'm using the term 'herd' loosely. You may have been the first hunter to begin fall activities by adding salt in your area. Since your activity, I'm sure other hunters may have begun preparing shooting plots, planting dove fields, and spreading corn in the woods. The deer in your pics know hunting season in coming, they've been through this before. That's why they have gone nocturnal. The reason they have left altogether is anyone's guess, but I believe they are being fed somewhere close. Game laws vary by state. A couple of years ago, Alabama started allowing hunters to have feeders up on property that was being hunted, but a hunter could not be within 150 yards of the feeder and they could not see it from where they are hunting. This was a game changer down here. I believe the deer in your pics will return. Do the right thing and be safe. Blessings. - Andy