Asked September 15, 2016, 3:19 PM EDT

I have moss on my driveway that's inhabited by wild turkeys & deer. I would like to know if baking soda is safe to use to get rid of moss without harming the wildlife. My driveway is very steep & can get slippery with the moss. Sincerely, Patricia

Benton County Oregon

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Moss control in a driveway is best removed physically per the instructions at the following web site. Chemical control will also work, but the moss will likely grow back faster than through physical removal. See the link above for details. I don't see baking soda on the list.

Regardless of how you control moss, it will likely grow back if you do not change conditions (shade and moisture) that are conducive to moss growth. Consider pruning overhead trees to let in more light if that is a possibility at your property.

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