Webworms on the ground from a neighbors tree

Asked September 15, 2016, 11:32 AM EDT

My neighbors have a pecan tree that they refused to treat earlier in the year. The worms have now all dropped from the webs and are all over my house. I cant walk out my front door without one falling on my head. I put a bag of Seven on my yard but it didn't kill them. They are now moving into my maple tree in my front yard. What can I spray my yard and house with that wont harm my pets?

Canadian County Oklahoma

1 Response

Because webworm larvae remain inside their webbing, insecticide sprays must penetrate the web to be effective. For best control, apply insecticides after eggs hatch and before larvae develop dense webs.

Insecticides containing Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), carbaryl (Sevin®), chlorpyrifos (Lorsban®), malathion, tebufenozide (Confirm® 2F), spinosad (Spintor®), and methoxyfenozide (Intrepid® 2F) are effective.

Insecticides containing Bt, tebufenozide and spinosad are selective for caterpillars and do not harm beneficial insects; however, they must be applied when caterpillars are small for effective control.