raspberries are crumbly.

Asked September 14, 2016, 6:20 PM EDT

half of our raspberries are small and crumbly. How do we fix this problem? If we remove all the crumbly plants can we spray with fungacide to save the good ones/ If we have to remove them all can we plant other garden olants in the area they were in?


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Judging from your description, your berries have been affected by a complex of viruses, some of which spread by pollen, others by insects. The disease can be found on many red and black raspberry cultivars as well as 'Boysenberry', 'Loganberry', and 'Marionberry' blackberries.

Fungicides aren’t needed and won’t help even if applied.The only thing you need do is to remove and destroy the plants.

If you want to plant more raspberries, choose from resistant cultivars, such as Willamette, Chilcotin, Haida, Comox, Heritage, Cowichan, and Cascade Harvest; however, some strains of the virus may infect 'Willamette' or 'Cascade Harvest'. The cultivar Wakefield has a high level of field resistance.

You can plant anything you want in the same plot.

can I plant more raspberries in the same plot?

can i plant more raspberries there

But be certain to first remove all remanants of the old plants. Select your new plants from those I suggested previously.