Planting Pasture

Asked September 14, 2016, 12:55 PM EDT

Hello, we bought 7 acres outside of Estacada that has been untended for 7+ years. We cleared an acre or so of blackberries and now have an acre of raw soil exposed..... I'd like to plant something that would be useful as forage, we are considering getting goats and chickens. What would be good things to plant this time of year that could be useful as forage in the spring?

Clackamas County Oregon pastures and forages

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In my limited experience, chickens are not real forage grazers so possibly it is best to consider a mix for the goats and let the chickens browse around.

Goats prefer more of a browsing pasture as opposed to straight grass like sheep or cattle. A combination of perennial ryegrass and orchardgrass works well as the base grasses, then add some other species such as red clover, white clover and maybe an annual clover to start with.