Weed identification and eradication

Asked September 14, 2016, 12:25 PM EDT

The attached picture is of a weed that is growing in my garden. The roots are very long (I have dug up some about a foot long) and about 3-4 inches below the surface. I have tried digging up the roots, but that is nearly impossible! Any help you can give me to identify the weed and how to get rid of it would be appreciated. J

St. Mary's County Maryland

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This may be a seedling of Annual Sowthistle. Look at very young seedlings in online images. A white sap is a good identifier. Seeds will germinate primarily in spring but continue through the season.

To id this more accurately, it would be helpful for us to see a more mature plant and leaves. It seems with a foot long root, there would be more top growth.


Attached are two photos of mature plants that I allowed to grow to see if they would produce flowers or seeds. There have been no flowers or seeds. The plants are about 6-8 inches tall and each leaf is about 6 inches long. I may have miss led by using the term root and should have used runners instead. The runners are very long and it appears that is how the plant spreads

The plant is too immature to identify accurately. You will have to let the plant grow and flower. Send photos at that point.
If it is spreading very fast then you may want to pull and let one or two plants grow.