Identify weed (plant) and herbicide to remove it from lawn

Asked September 14, 2016, 11:56 AM EDT

The attached pictures show a plant (weed?) that grows in the wooded area at the end of our property in Howard Co but has now invaded our lawn. What herbicide will kill it without killing the lawn? I would like to avoid using a plant herbicide that kills all plants including the lawn - this though would subsequently allow re-seeding of the lawn. Thanks for the help.

Howard County Maryland

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This is Japanese stilt grass,a summer annual. It has a growth habit similar to that of crabgrass. Best controlled using a pre-emergent herbicide in March.It can be easily pulled in unmowed areas and the area overseeded. Round-up is a nonselective herbicide that will kill anything green it comes in contact,including the good grass.


Thank you. What brand/type of pre-emergent would one use? I always put down Scotts HALT crabgrass pre-emergent in March/April. So April is too late and might be the problem. Crabgrass has been under very good control though.

Scotts halts (pentamethylene) will work. If you can find barricade (prodiamine) it seems to work better.