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Asked September 13, 2016, 5:20 PM EDT

We are new to Oregon. We have approx 20 3-4 year old fruit trees (apple, plum, pear) near Philomath. We would like to plant some more. What kind of test should we ask for to get a general idea of any soil amendment needs (for both the existing trees and any new ones). It is a bit bewildering to see the different kinds of tests. I would like a local tester (like Earthfort), but it seems Earthfort specializes in soil organisms, yet we are more interested in chemistry? thanks scott

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For new or old orchards, it is best to test for:
pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, K - Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium

Most soil test labs NEED to have recommendations.

The Benton County Extension office has a list of good soil testing places.

The garden store soil testes give a general nutrient recs but often 1-2 point off.

Ag Source out of Umatilla is good local testing lab.

Getting Crop Protection Services - Tangent; Wilco - Harrisburg will send their field men out to take soil tests.

Be sure to ask for soil recommendations after the soil test is done.