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Asked September 12, 2016, 3:10 PM EDT

Hi!! I am the new owner of a house on just under 3 aches outside of Russell, Mn. In fact, I am almost next to the Co-op out side of town here. You might be able to see it on Google maps or I can take and send a few pictures. (background) My questions is: I have downed trees, lots of down trees and broken trees, this property is obviously considered heavily treed. I am unsure of the types of trees, they are ugly looking, so unsure if they are Ash or what, I have tried to research. I am wondering if the wood is good for fire wood or other uses (the downed trees) was wondering is there may be any natural use for my heavily treed areas also, like to put spoures for Morrel mushrooms to grow heavily, are these valid ideas?? I don't want to totally cut down the good trees? Also, I want to add a round (wind resistant) green house for winter garden, I have a book on who to make one, there is none at local markets. Summary: can you tell me types of my trees, uses of down wood, good to grow mushrooms: morells? and round winter garden house suggestions and location? Thank you!! Ms. Kris Durschmidt 1819 County Road 31, Russell, Mn 56169 phone 507-823=4373.. Here is s link from when I bought my property: If I could get help building green house, it could be used to tour and as a model winter green house for all...

Lyon County Minnesota

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Tree identification: we are unable to actually visit your site, but may be able to identify some of your trees with pictures (Google Maps images are not clear enough). You are welcome to reply to this email and attach up to 3 pictures of the most common of your trees. Please note we would need pictures of the trunk /bark, leaves, and form (if still standing). You may also want to contact a certified arborist to visit your site in person to ID and assess your trees. Here is a publication that can help you find a certified arborist:

Re: growing morels can be difficult. I recommend you contact the MN Mycological Society for more information:

Downed trees: Trees that are down due to storms, etc. may be cut and split for firewood. The wood should be stacked and allowed to dry (season) for about a year for best burning. Downed wood may also be chipped up and used as mulch for live trees, shrubs and garden beds and for pathways. Downed wood can also become habitat for wildlife including nesting sites for native bees. Dead trees that are standing (snags) or leaning on other trees can serve as perches for birds like hawks, owls, and other predatory birds. You should evaluate your wooded area and selectively remove dead trees, leaving some for wildlife, cutting and splitting some for firewood, and chipping some for garden spaces and paths around your house.

A good general resource for any woodland owner is the blog "My Minnesota Woods" found at

Re: a round winter garden house - I can't speak to your site being a tour site (I am in St. Paul). However, here is a good resource on building a cold climate greenhouse:
There are not pictures of a round greenhouse; however, high tunnels and hoop houses may be an option you want to consider. A round greenhouse may not be a very efficient use of space as most greenhouse benches are rectangular and thus you may not be able to utilize your space well.

Thank you SO MUCH, Julie W., again Thanks for the great info.!! Blessings!! I will take and post pictures soon!!

Looking forward to receiving your pictures. Please send pictures that are clear, not blurry, and show both close ups and the best possible pictures you can to show the form of the trees, leaves, etc. If you have any difficulties attaching the photos, you can also email them to me directly: