Aphid infestation

Asked September 11, 2016, 7:40 PM EDT

Please help. We have a massive infestation of small black aphids at our home in Apple Valley. They are all over our deck, deck plants, grill, in the grass and on a few of the surrounding trees. I have tried to spray with soapy water and insecticidal soap but it hardly seems to make a dent in the population. Please advise on options to get rid of this problem and it has impacted our summer outdoor enjoyment. Thank you

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Make sure you've got aphids. You should see them mostly feeding on plants, and they leave a sticky residue. Boxelder bug nymphs look similar, but have some red on them.

Spraying aphids off with water - repeatedly - is probably the best way to deal with them. Insecticidal soap should also work. In the future, monitor your plants more closely so you can catch an infestation before it becomes a problem. Here is our publication on aphids: