Yellow Cantaloupe

Asked September 11, 2016, 5:56 PM EDT

Hey. What can I do to save my cantiloupe? I started with this plant in a bucket at the beginning of the summer here in Texas and got hardly any growth off it. It would flower and not do anything. I moved my plant to a different part of the yard and they just took off. But then the vine started dieing but the flowers would be there. I watched on YouTube about cutting off the "suckers" so I did that and it seemed to help. I even got 4 fruits! I was so excited. Then I noticed more dieing vine but just kept watching. I lost 2 fruits but still have 2!! Now I go out and see that the biggest of the two has turned yellow!!! What am I doing wrong?? Please help.

Williamson County Texas

1 Response

By the look of the leaves and fruit, it looks that nutrition or space or both combined has not given the plant the size to make size of store bought cantaloupes.