Ornamental Grass

Asked September 11, 2016, 2:04 PM EDT

Could You Please Tell Me What Kind if Ornamental Grass This is...I Got it From My Friend and I Found Out That I'm Allergic to I When the Grass Blades Touch My Skin...I'll be Seeing My Allergy Doctor About It...Need to Know the Name if It...Thank You!

Milwaukee County Wisconsin

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From the seed head this looks like a Miscanthus species probably sinensis of which there are several cultivars, but that should be enough info to get you what you need so Miscanthus sinensis. It has very sharp leaf edges.

Thank You Sandy... I Never Noticed the Sharp Edges Until This Year...I Found Out the Hard Way When I was Weeding Around it...One of Them Accidentally Brushed Up Against My Eye Right Below My Brow...It Start Itching and I Got a Rash...This Past Weekend I had to Hold it Aside While My Friend Installed a Rain Barrel for Me...My Arms Started to Itch And Broke Out in a Rash Again... Thank You for Identifying it for Me...God Bless You Sandy... Here's an Up to Date Photo of It...The One I Posted was From Last Year!