Wild Flower/Prairie Garden in shade

Asked September 10, 2016, 1:46 PM EDT

Good Morning, I would really like to establish a habitat for bees & butterflies in our yard using wild flowers. However, from the reading I have done it looks like they thrive best in full sun. Unfortunately we have a large area but it is mostly shade. Could you recommend some plants we could try?

Houston County Minnesota attracting pollinators butterfly gardening

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Most of the really good pollinator attractors need full to part sun to thrive, but some of these survive in somewhat shady areas and other shade loving plants still attract some pollinators. If you have full shade, you'll have a hard time. Here are a few to try (some of these probably say "full sun", but are worth a try in your sunnier areas): monarda, echinacea, mints, astilbe, columbine, Jacob's ladder, bleeding heart, hellebores, lamium, coral bells.

Thanks much for your time and advice. We will give it a try. Fingers crossed.