Aeroponic Basil looking sad after harvest

Asked September 9, 2016, 10:11 PM EDT

We have a 100 tower Aeroponic System in South Florida and our basil after harvest looks bad:
We harvest al 90F, we start packaging after 1 or 2 hours at 63F but the basil looks sad, not fresh as it should be. We package like that and the night we store it at 60F.
The next day the basil still looks sad. What can we do to improve?
Could that be the nutrient? the PH? too much irrigation? or definitely is the humidity of Florida? how can we deal with that? Regards.

Patricia Tome

Miami-Dade County Florida

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I am not an expert on this subject but there is a grower in my county you is successful shipping his micro-greens out daily. He cuts the greens early in the morning, place the greens in a cold bath then spins the greens dry. He cools the greens then send them out.

The super cooling and dry foliage is the key.

The name of the company is Genes Greens Keller TX. Phone 817-301-3521. Owner is Geno Stille. I am sure he would be glad to discuss your situation