Asked September 9, 2016, 3:26 PM EDT

I have a sunny area, 15X30", where the grass has totally died off with only a few tuffs of brown still remaining in the soil. This area has been reseeded several times over the last ten years. I believe a large contributing factor was dog urine, a large female. My dog has since passed away. I have had a soil sample done. I have never had it tilled before seeding. My thought is that I need to have some one till it. I am 70 and can't turn it over nor do I own a tiller. I would rather do it right this time.

Harford County Maryland lawn reseeding

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Look at our video and our publications for turfgrass renovation and establishment options and steps for lawn renovation. If you are dealing with tree roots, you may want to use a hard rake. If you are not able to rent a machine like a verticutter or core aerator, then you may have to hire a lawn care provider to do the job for you.