Asked September 8, 2016, 4:51 PM EDT

Our dog keeps eating mushrooms from our lawn (here in Bend). We've had two visits to the vet in the past couple of weeks to induce vomiting. Are there any mushroom experts at the extension service who might tell us if our lawn mushrooms are poisonous? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rose Bianchina

Deschutes County Oregon mushrooms fungi

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We would need photographs of the top, bottom and sides of the mushrooms. We need the bottom part to tell what the gills or pores look like. Also important is whether there are pine or other conifer trees in the yard. Extremely useful is a spore print: you place the cap on top of white paper, put a glass or bowl over the mushroom cap and the spores will fall on the paper over night, leaving a colored spore print. A photo of the spore print will greatly aid identification.

Thank you for your quick response! The mushrooms are in the lawn and near large ponderosa pines. Spore print is poor, but hopefully will help. I have additional pictures, if needed. Thank you. Rose

This looks very much like the milk mushroom Lactarius deliciosus, which is not poisonous. This mushroom bruises greenish when rubbed, and if you break it open, an orange latex will appear where it is cut. The sporeprint was very helpful for this diagnosis, you did a good job!

Please verify with the orange latex on fresh specimens and get back to me so I can definitely confirm.

The new mushroom specimen is very orange. It seems to have turned a little green where it's been broken open. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing anything that appears to be a latex-like substance within.

I'm pretty confident of my identification. When these mushrooms are not really young and fresh, the latex often doesn't appear. So, for this species nothing to worry about.

Absolutely awesome, Steve. Thank you sooooo much for your help!!!