Deer proof perrenials

Asked September 8, 2016, 2:56 PM EDT

I live in Carbondale and deer eat my tulips like candy. Would like to plant some perrenial bulbs in an unprotected area. Are there some you could suggest ? I've heard daffodils may not be so tasty. Suggestions ? Thanks, Frank Norwood

Garfield County Colorado

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Thanks for your question about deer-resistant bulbs! The members of the Amaryllis family, including daffodils, snowflakes, and snowdrops. They are toxic to deer (wildlife in general) because they contain lycorine.

"Lycorine is a toxic crystalline alkaloid found in various Amaryllidaceae species, such as the cultivated bush lily, surprise lilies, and daffodils. It may be highly poisonous, or even lethal, when ingested in certain quantities."

Several sources indicate that the Amaryllidaceae species is the only one that has this chemical--but these bulbs can produce a lovely landscape!

Hope this helpf!