Year old tree turned brown over night.

Asked September 7, 2016, 4:46 PM EDT

Hello, my tree has turned brown over night. It was planted last year at this time and appeared to be thriving and healthy. It also had grown a foot was green. I water twice a week and have bark covering the ground area. The limbs seem to be spring back and forth. Am I watering too much or not enough?

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Hello, thanks for using E-extension. From your picture, it sure looks like your tree dried out. As important as watering twice a week, is HOW MUCH water you are giving it- for a newly established tree, you want to make sure its getting the equivalent of 1-2 inches of rain every week. In especially hot, dry areas, its going to be best to make sure to water the tree regularly for the first couple of years. It takes a while for the root system to develop enough to be efficient in extracting water from the soil.
Also, your tree is planted right next to a wall that is going to absorb, and then release, a lot of heat. So your tree is going to be pretty thirsty overcoming all the extra heat that is being thrown off that wall. If it has been especially hot, the heat from the wall might have crisped up your leaves.
I hope you find this helpful, Nicole