yellow nutsedge

Asked September 7, 2016, 11:51 AM EDT

This weed is invading all my flower beds and some grass. I've got the grass in control but the flower and shrub beds are invaded. I purchased Spectracide WEED STOP for lawns and it states it will kill nutsedge with several applications. However, what can I use in beds without killing everything else. Last fall I dug up an entire bed to plant new shrubs and thought I rototilled up all those little white bulbs attached to the plants and even hand picked them out of the soil but this didn't work. Please help! Then in the spring I cut a piece of PVC pipe to place around this noxious weed, then sprayed the weed and protected the plant. I'm not ready to give up yet. LLP

St. Mary's County Maryland nutsedge flower beds weed

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This is not an easy weed to control. In landscape beds, it is best to remove the entire plant (including the root/rhizome system) by digging around the plant’s base. This will help ensure that you will not get regrowth from the nutsedge’s underground rhizomes. A nonselective herbicide which contains glyphosate provides only marginal control. Here is more information on nutsedge