Weed Killer

Asked September 7, 2016, 7:34 AM EDT

My lawn company sprayed 246 weed b gone over my entire lawn at a concentration 1,2 floz/M on July 25, August 26 and again on Sept 1 by mistake. I had sprayed my entire lawn about three weeks ago with Q4 Plus turf herbicide to kill the nutsedge throughout my yard. In the last few days my once green lawn has started t turn brown and there are several brown spots. Do you think this is caused from too much weed killer or just a natural part of end of summer. If there was too much weed killer will my lawn come back? I think it is mostly tall fescue. Thank you

Fayette County Kentucky

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I honestly can't determine from the info provided. There are also widespread turf diseases as a result of heat and humidity. Regardless the cause, your only recourse is to wait and see what happens. Unless severely over applied, most herbicide damage should be temporary as will most disease problems. Watering during dry periods will certainly improve your odds. Hope this is helpful.