Woodpecker Problem

Asked September 6, 2016, 3:42 PM EDT

How can I deter Woodpeckers from attacking my house? I live in Coon Rapids and have a variety of trees in my yard but the buggers love the masonite siding in the back of my house. I've read some thing online that suggest attaching bright and shiny objects to the area but they not to "Try" these first. I've also read that putting out a specific suet for them may help BUT, it may also increases the problem. Is there anything at all you can tell me to give me hope? They cause me hundreds of dollars of damager every fall

Minnesota woodpeckers

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Woodpeckers usually start pecking on an area because they hear bugs underneath. You may have some bugs under the siding. These birds have uncanny hearing. They also will peck to indicate territory. I am giving you a link to our publication on woodpeckers. Even though it talks a lot about cedar siding, it does apply to Masonite. I would be wary of putting out food for them. I, too, believe it may just attract more birds. http://www.extension.umn.edu/garden/yard-garden/wildlife/woodpeckers-and-siding/