I have been trying to relocate a site in the Wayne National Forest, one Loon...

Asked September 6, 2016, 12:11 PM EDT

I have been trying to relocate a site in the Wayne National Forest, one Loon Lake. Back over forty years ago, the access road to Loon Lake and Loon Lake itself were terribly degraded. There was an extensive spagnum moss spring along the access road. This site was closed down and a "shit slurry" was applied to the pond. IT contained manure, cuttings, seeds, and spores, crumble (decayed wood from a dead tree), soil from various places. Some kind of burlap was attached to the pond in an attempt to make a mat on which various mosses etc. grew. This was very common, when the whole area was spagnum moss swamp. The early settlers had descriptions of this walking on water situations (not just the story of Jesus walking on water either) and thought perhaps they were in the Promised Land. The site was unsightly and furthermore, the planners had documentation that huge fungi grew after major manurings (a billion passenger pigeons passsing overhead and dropping their waste) and this was a type of major manurings, the pond was called Loon Lake and I have asked the Wayne National Forest about it. I think possibly it is one of those places, that are off limits to people. I think it is possinbly in Perry County. I knew the people who were doing the work and they had records, that had been recovered after World War II, Nazi Booty from the Stripland of Poland, Easton Germany where the borders have been fluid. There was extensive discussion of what vines should be planted around this. Many vines go over 200 feet, if fertilized to simulate natural events that once happened. And what cane break environment should also be planted. This was kind of fluid but it was extensively discussed. This using of a shit slurry was used in other degraded pond situations. It was know that other mosses function as spagnum, even the ones that hide out in sidewalk cracks. It am interested in what these sites look like. I know of a number of spagnum moss remnants but not what happened to these,particular situations, This. Sites offlimits to people are recorded somewhere. I lknow touch ups were made and the builders very touchy about their matting in particular. Does anyone know if any evaluations have been made off this kind of off limits land,

Perry County Ohio land

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I am unaware of any such Lake. Much of the county was mined and some of which was part of the national forest, or what is now Wayne National Forest. If I am able to find out anything on this I will be sure to pass the information on to you.