Pond plant

Asked September 5, 2016, 4:59 PM EDT

This is an invasive pond plant. Want to identify to treat.

Wayne County Ohio

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Hi there, I am attaching several sites for you to look at. If you are not satisfied with these as information for your aquatic plant I will also attach a listing for your local extension office.
A good source for information on aquatic plants in general and their usefulness.
The above link has a table of various aquatic herbicides to use for various plants. I urge you to contact your local extension agent to verify the type of aquatic herbicide you choose. Always follow the label for application rate and any warnings.
There are Carp that will eat pond weeds also and not reproduce. That is a good chemical free alternative.
Your local Extension Office is located in Wooster at the following link. http://wayne.osu.edu/about/staff
I have ID for your plant American Pond Weed ( Potamogeton Epihydrus )From the photo you provided. Thank you. If you feel this is not a good ID for any reason. Please contact your Extension Educator at the link for your local Extension office I provided above. I wish you the best.