Mold on treestump

Asked September 5, 2016, 3:27 PM EDT


I found some mold on a tree stump in my back yard. I use the stump for splitting wood. I brushed the mold off the top of the stump with my hand which caused the spores to blow in the wind. I want to know if the mold is harmful to humans and should I have any concern if the spores got on my clothing and I came into my house. I have attached a picture of what
it looks like. The picture is of the same mold on different part of tree stump. I also included a photo of where I rubbed off mold.
Please let me know what type of mold this is and as asked earlier if it us harmful. Thankyou for your time.

Isabella County Michigan

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Mold spores can be asthma trigger. It open air locations there are many varieties of mold spores floating around. Bathe and wash your clothes and all will be fine.

Can you tell from the photos what type of mold it is? Also, should I be concerned if any spores got on my carpet? Thank you

No! Too many mushrooms look alike. We keep up with the ones that are edible and the ones that we know are toxic. Then there are the other 99% of fungi. it takes a specialist that looks at the spores to ID the 99%.

You don't want to hear this, but if the spores were out on the stump, they were airborne and in and out of you home all summer. We keep our home dry to minimize fungal growth. Do that and clean normally and you are doing everything you can. Take allergy meds if needed.