Flower name

Asked September 5, 2016, 3:23 PM EDT

Can you identify this, it is a picture from facebook and no one seems to know. Don't even know region where it is grom

Warren County Illinois

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We need more details. It makes a difference where it is located. Different regions have plants that look similar. We will need to know where you are located and a description of the growing site. Our experts are most familiar with plants of North America. We will do our best to find an expert to ID your plant.

We have several plant ID sites, Most are focused on weed ID. But they can help you know the characteristics we need to know to do a proper ID. One is the Missouri Weed ID page. Start the process by selecting "Broadleaf" or "Grass-like" as your plant type. The rest of the characteristics will populate, with example sketches. Use those characteristics to describe your plant in text or pictures.