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Asked September 5, 2016, 11:04 AM EDT

Hello I would like to know what grass seed is recommended for my lawn in Catonsville Md. I have tried several over the years only to get mixed results and by this time of the season I have dead patches . My front lawn is full sun and the back yard is mostly shade with several trees competing for water etc . Side yards are never to be a problem , and seems to be a different grass all together , we wish we knew ...We have lived her for 16 years and have come a very long way from what it was . Any advice on what seed/seeds to use . Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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We recommend tall fescue for full sun. It can also handle some shade. For more shade, use a fine fescue. Creeping red is commonly used.

Full shade is really not conducive to growing grass. (Except non-native invasive Japanese stiltgrass, which you do NOT want.) Usually, the best bet in full shade is to lessen the shade by pruning trees higher, etc., if possible, or plant groundcovers that tolerate shade, or beds of shrubs and perennials in a natural setting (let tree leaves mulch them). A final solution is to put down mulch in dense shade areas.

Please read over the following pub about seeding grass. Seeding or fertilizing at the wrong time of year, mowing too low (!) and other things will knock out your grass:

There are many more great publications on lawn care on our website in the Publications section.