We hired a pest control company to exterminate two Yellow Jacket nests. One...

Asked September 5, 2016, 1:27 AM EDT

We hired a pest control company to exterminate two Yellow Jacket nests. One being in my garden. It was supposed to be safe to use and he said all we needed to do was wash the produce. he sprayed approx. 4 gal.of Talstar 279-3206 between the two nests. I looked up Talstar later that night and found out it's not supposed to be used in gardens. Not safe for produce. My question is- He sprayed the southeast corner (about 6 X 6 area) and the plants in that section got wet. Would the plants(tomatoes & Peppers) in north end be ok to eat. The garden is about 16 X 16.

Lake County Ohio

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Hi! Your question is a valid one and as I searched online to check out Talstar labels, I also checked out labels for bifenthrin, which is the active ingredient in Talstar or the product that contains the actual toxins. There is a product sold as Ortho Bug-B-Gon, containing bifenthrin, that is used in gardens on types of garden produce. The label stated that one had to wait "at least 7 days between each application" and examining the pre-harvest timing intervals on the label, which was 1 day for tomatoes and 7 days for bell peppers.

Did he physically spray the plants or was it merely drift onto the plants from spraying the yellow-jacket nests in the ground?

Thanks, erik

Thank you for getting back to me. In the mean time I got a reply from the manufacturer of Telstar. She said to destroy any plants that were sprayed and that I should not harvest or grow any vegetables in that section for the rest of the year. I destroyed a third of my garden. After composting the rotting vegetables from the rest of my garden, I am now using the produce that was not affected. I paid $144. to get rid of yellow jackets and ruined a third of my garden. It was a hard lesson. I should have asked and researched the product he used before ever hiring him, it wasn't enough to ask if it was safe for my garden.