Need help figuring out this strange invader In my garden

Asked September 4, 2016, 4:36 PM EDT

My friend find this in his garden and I was hoping you could help me find out what it is. Thank you

Polk County Florida

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Your have Stinkhorn Fungus, Clathrus columnatus., Also known as column stinkhorn, arises the same way all stinkhorn fungi do — via a subterranean “egg” that, when mature, sprouts a fruiting body that can appear in a variety of shapes (starburst, squid, basket or wiffle ball, zombie hand, etc., but, in this case, column like). The fruiting body, in turn, produces an olive-colored slime and that gut-wrenching, carrion like stench attractive to flies.
Discard the subterranean eggs (if you see them) before they open, if you wish to avoid the horrid smell.