Novelty geraiums where can I buy them, in the USA. Rosebud/Appleblossom and Lord Bute

Asked September 4, 2016, 9:43 AM EDT

question for the master gardener: My questions are this; Where can I buy a Rose bud / Apple blossom and a Lord Bute geranium and be allow to ship these geraniums to Canada along with this paper ( phytosanity ) Because I live in Canada> Canada does not have these type of Geraniums> Apple blossom, or Lord Bute and other different types of Novelty geraniums. could you email me on this. my email address is: I am from Montreal, and the garden nurseries do not sell them up here. And I have been in contact with Horticultural societies as well. So hopefully you can get back to me on this Thank you Patricia

Outside United States

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Other than doing an internet search for companies that sell plants I don't have any way of knowing who has them and who will ship to Canada. I would suggest you do an internet search for the varieties you want. I did a quick search for 'Apple Blossom' geranium and found two sources ( and, but I don't know if they would ship to your area. You might contact them and see what they can do or who they can recommend from your area. There are also several sources from the UK that offer them. I only found one US source for Lord Bute - Hope this helps.