Source for Small Ranch Forage Seed

Asked September 3, 2016, 7:07 PM EDT

Hi - I was hoping you can connect us with someone who sells particular varieties of cattle forage seed. We are looking to experiment with a new crop rotation to extend the forage season on our ranch in Josephine County but are struggling to find anyone who sells the following varieties in bulk for small farms: crimson clover, winter rye grass (VNS Cereal Rye), and Barkant Forage Turnips. Anyone who sells these individual varieties are commercial gardening outfits selling in small quantities at high prices or farm suppliers in the midwest unwilling to ship to Oregon. Any suggestions would be appreciates. If you are curious about our experiment I would be happy to chat more. Thanks! Rodger

Josephine County Oregon pastures and forages

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Most of the seed dealers are in the Willamette Valley and work through local retail outlets.

You might try to contact Jerry Hall at Grasslands Oregon. He dabbles in a variety of forage seeds and may be able to help.