Possible Tree disease

Asked September 2, 2016, 2:07 PM EDT

I planted several evergreen about 3 years ago and they are all doing well with the exception of one. The needles are curling up and yesterday I noticed the tree seems to be turning yellow. I've attached three photos for you to review. what type of tree is it? Thank you. rafaelitopz@yahoo.com

Kootenai County Idaho

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Thanks for your question. The tree is a true fir, looks like grand fir. I am not sure why the needles are turning up, could be herbicide drift, like 2,4-D? Might be heat stress if in a warm, exposed site. Tree growth looks good and otherwise the tree looks healthy. I would suggest watering well this time this time of year, deep watering periodically (every couple of weeks) and perhaps applying a little nitrogen fertilizer after you get some fall rain.If there is heavy grass around the tree remove a 3-4 foot area around the tree to reduce competition for moisture.