Wormy Fruit

Asked September 2, 2016, 1:56 PM EDT

I bought 2 Intrepid Peach trees in 2012. They both blossomed this year and have plenty of fruit on them. BUT... they did not fully ripen this year and are falling off the trees with grubs in every peach. What can I do to cure this problem for next year? Thank you, Diane Dobson

Northumberland County Pennsylvania

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There are a couple of worms (moth larvae) that infest peach fruit. This year, we have had a lot of oriental fruit moth damage on stone fruits. I recommend you take a sample to your local Penn State extension and get a positive identification on the insect. Penn State will recommend a course of action. Here is a link to a Penn State publication on oriental fruit moth. Here is a link to the website of your local Penn State Extension office. Since controlling this pest is somewhat involved, it is best to verify that it is the oriental fruit moth, and to get a clear understanding of your management plan.